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We are a registered agribusiness that is into the processing of honey, tea, and dry fruits for the Ghanaian populace. The sole proprietorship which was established and registered in 2019 is located at West Trassaco close to Zoomlion Ghana Limited.


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Eating honey is a natural way to get an energy boost. It is a mixture of simple sugars

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Passionate about providing Ghanaians with access to pure, healthy products, Mazia Co Enterprise, a registered agribusiness established in 2019, specializes in processing and delivering honey, tea, and a variety of dried fruits. They address the challenge of finding genuine honey in Ghanaian markets by offering unadulterated, raw honey. Mazia Co Enterprise also caters to the growing desire for year-round fruit consumption by providing healthy dried fruit options. Furthermore, their wholesome tea blends, crafted with high-quality ingredients known for their health benefits, promote relaxation and overall well-being. Located in West Trasacco, near Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Mazia Co Enterprise invites Ghanaians to experience the difference through their physical store or online store

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Experience the best honey ever made

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We don’t make good honey. We make the best honey

To process healthy honey, nutritious dried fruits, and tea for the Ghanaian populace. To reduce the incidence of postharvest losses of fruits in the country through agro-processing.

100% Natural Honey

Honey is composed primarily of fructose and glucose but also contains y amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes

Mazia Infusion Tea

We know that sounds a lot like making a cup of tea, but an infusion doesn’t come from the traditional tea plant.

Mazia Tea

Drinking tea becomes pleasurable when honey is in it; try some exotic, sweet, and unimaginable flavors

Dried Mango

Dried mango is also rich in vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that aids tissue repair and iron absorption

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The best and tasty honey you will ever find!

Because of increased knowledge on the benefits of fruits, there is a growing trend of citizens desiring to eat fruits all year round, in spite of their seasonal cropping nature. The ingredients used to process Mazia tea are of great health benefits.

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Honey that is organic and good for you

Honey Benefits

This business was borne out of the entrepreneur’s passion and zeal to ensure that there are healthy products (honey, tea and dried fruits) available for consumption in the urban centres. It has become difficult for one to buy honey, known for all its health benefits, in the open market and find it is unadulterated.

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Mazia co enterprise is a registered agribusiness that is into the processing of honey, tea, and dry fruits for the Ghanaian populace.


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